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About Viking Explorer
The history, concept, organization of Viking Explorer etc..
About support,active, life and honorary membership. Membership application form, how to apply for membership.
Viking Explorer Newsletter
Monthly newsletter with latest news about Viking Explorer projects and the world of marine enviroment
Research/Conservation Projects
About the ongoing and future research and conservation projects
Contact Viking Explorer
Mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and names. Whom to contact at Viking Explorer and how
Adopt A Whitebeaked Dolphin
Help us help The Marine Environment, adopt a whitebeaked dolphin. A campaign with friendly support from The ANIMAL PLANET Channel
Whitebeaked Dolphins In The North Sea
Link to our website with the latest news and data from our ongoing project with whitebeaked dolphins in The North Sea area at Skagen Reef and The Norwegian Trench
Interesting Links
Links to our partners, other interesting organization, institutions and our sponsors
Sailing For The Sea
About Viking Explorer Sailing Club, Sailing For The Sea, how to register as a boat owner, volunteer skipper, first mate or crew member
Symposia, meetings, conferences, publications, campaigns and other interesting information



G O I N G, G O I N G, G O N E !


2/3 of our planet is covered with water. For every 100 meters we dive into the depth of the oceans we discover new worlds. The deep sea begins at a depth, not more then 200 meters.

Who knows how many species of marine life we bring to extinction before we even have a chance to discover their existence?..

Viking Explorer is committed to research and the protection of the marine environment and the endangered species. In order to use our limited resources as efficiently as possible, we cooperate with a wide range of scientists and organizations in the field of the marine biology, ecology, fishery, etc..

Wherever we have an opportunity to do so we invite guest researchers to take part in our projects, making our equipment and resources available for their research.

As a non-profit organization, Viking Explorer relies on the economical support by it's members, funds and sponsors, wherever sponsorship is no t conflicting with ethical restrictions. We would like to use this opportunity to express our grattitude to:

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